In 2012, Eric Hamilton was the co-founder of a mobile app which located the closest Black-owned business to your current location.  The app was called “Around The Way” and it helped over 30,000 Black-owned businesses gain visibility and new customers.

Launch of Around The Way app in New York city. February 2013.

Currently, as a father of 2 young children, Eric was taken back by the lack of children’s books that promote Black economics.  “I was tired of reading books to my daughter about frogs, princes and damn cats in hats!”

Eric spent months searching for “woke” titles in vain.  Woke Publishing was born out of the desire to teach young people about supporting Black owned businesses and other lessons.

Woke Publishing founder Eric Hamilton reading “Good Business” to daughter Emerie Hamilton.

Eric wrote a “woke” children’s book titled “Good Business” for the sole purpose of educating his daughters the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses.  The book was never published for mass distribution.  As stated by Eric, “It was simply a pet project for my daughters”.

Bank Black” will be the 1st book to be released by Woke Publishing (February 2018).  Our ultimate goal is to get young African Americans to understand and to support African American causes.


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